Announcing my Peghead Nation Course: Alternate Tunings


I am happy to announce a new course on Peghead Nation focused on alternate tunings for fingerstyle guitar. We'll be covering Drop-D, DADGAD, Open G, Open D, and much more. I'll be focusing on how to know your way around the fretboard in any alternate tuning, and each lesson will be in the context of a song - so lots of fingerstyle arrangements!

Peghead Nation nation courses work on a monthly or annual subscription model, as long as you're signed up, you have unlimited access to the streaming video lessons within the course. There's a great batch of lessons already in the course to get things started, and I'll be adding new lessons every month for the foreseeable future. Lessons include downloadable PDFs of the music, and often MP3 Play-Along Tracks.

Check it out for free for the first month by using the promo code DougLand at checkout after registering.




New Tab Arrangements

I've started releasing some arrangements thru Sheet Music Plus. You can see my current releases on my SMP page. Here are the most recdent tunes that are available:

New Christmas Book!

The second volume of my Fingerstyle Fakebook Series is out, with twenty-five Christmas Carols, all in standard tuning. Like Volume 1, all the songs are designed to be simple to read (or memorize) and t to make it easy for you to add your own enhancements. Available now as a printed book or for Kindle, at Amazon.

New Christmas CD!

My latest recording, Forever Christmas, combines my fingerstyle guitar with the contributions of friends playing violin, viola, cello, and recorder. Some of the tunes originally appeared in my DADGAD Christmas instructional book, but have been reworked for the additional instruments, while others are new.

You can listen on Spotify (please follow me there!) or CDs are available here. Thanks to Laurel Thomsen, Bob Liepman, and Tom Lindemuth for their musical contributions!

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CDs and Books

"From the first notes of Doug Young's "Closing Time," listeners will feel embraced by the mellow warmth and good fellowship to which he pays tribute ("The Gathering," for the Swannanoa Gathering, an annual musical event that takes place in the Appalachian Mountains). Young's exceptional clarity and fingerstyle finesse call to mind Laurence Juber, Leo Kottke, and John Renbourn and other greats, but the sensuousness of his tone is second to none." - Minor 7th.

"Doug Young is a first-class musician who has chosen the guitar as his instrument. He does not "play the guitar" as much as he "plays great music using the guitar." The difference is his great sense of melody and the feeling that goes into writing a top-notch song. On Closing Time his original songs are as memorable as they are instantly enjoyable, and his arrangements are second to none. " - Dave Walker

"a near perfect reference CD for someone trying to capture the sound of an acoustic guitar. The recording is clean and clear but never sterile, rich and engaging but not muddy. It's downright inspiring just to hear those gorgeous tones." - Fran Guidry

"Doug has some great chops on this CD. He is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the fingerstyle arena. Some tunes are Kottke inspired, while others give a sense of early de Grassi. A real piece of ear candy." - Listener CD Baby Review

"This is a perfect intro to DADGAD tuning. ... I doubt I'll ever go back to standard tuning again" -- reviewer

"This book is a must for anyone interested in playing in DADGAD tuning. This book will be my reference book for DADGAD tuning for years to come." -- reviewer

"This book is a gem! it is written for people who have been playing standard tuning for a while and know their way around a guitar but it could used by someone with just a basic knowledge of finger style guitar. The book contains so much quality instruction and genuinely musical examples! it is a model of how a good guitar instruction book should be written." -- reviewer

A complete beginning to end guide to amplifying an acoustic guitar from pickup selection and installation to stage setups, amps, PA systems, monitoring, and more.