My Home Studio - Construction and Design


My first step was to learn more about acoustics, studio construction and so on. My first instinct was to buy a bunch of studio foam and cover the walls with it. As I learned more about acoustics I learned that was probably not the right approach for what I had in mind. The following resources were helpful:

Master Handbook of Acoustics, by Alton Everest.

A fairly thick book, quite readable. Although it is accessible to a beginner, one gets the feeling that there's more depth to the book than you think one first reading. I've gone back over it several times, trying to internalize the formulas and tradeoffs he discusses.

One of the message board is devoted to studio construction, acoustics and so on. Reading the archives is a real education, and questions get answered quickly.

Auralex Web Site

Information about this company's foam products and more.

RPG Web Site

RPG specializes in diffusion products. There are product pages and other technical information on this site. There's one very interesting and concise paper by RPG systems that explains the issues and some solutions for small studios.

Real Traps web site.

Real Traps is a small company owned by Ethan Winer, who moderates Besides info on his products, the site has a good primer on acoustics, and a fair amount of practical information on acoustics and acoustic treatment.

Ethan Winer's page on bass traps has more information, including plans for building your own bass traps.

John Sayers' site and discussion forum.

The site itself is interesting, with lots of nice photos of studios John has designed (great for ideas).

Yet another site with information and a discussion board.

ETF Software

ETF is a very interesting program that turns a PC and a measurement mic (I'm using a $39 Behringer) into an acoustics analysis system. You can download the software and try it for free.

Cara CAD Software

An inexpensive modeling program that can predict your room's acoustics from mathematical models, once you enter the room's dimensions and layout using a simple CAD program.