My Home Studio - Construction and Design

Making it Look Nice

The next step took the most time, finishing the room up to make it look pleasant. Painting, flooring, trim, plus a little acoustic treatment. These shots were taken during final detailing, so there's still signs of construction everywhere.

Here's a shot of the partially completed mixing desk, assembled from some Ikea table tops and Home Depot cabinets. I covered the corner with Auralex Metro foam.

Closeup where you can see 2 Real Traps above the mix desk:

The ceiling is completely covered in OC 703, then  covered with cloth, and finished with some molding. A row of Auralex Metrofusers finishes off the dropped area of the ceiling along the south wall.

The furnace and hot water heater are now boxed in and behind doors. The box contains a couple of storage cabinets, several sections of 703 insulation and a panel of Metrofusors. I doubt they do anything acoustically, but they look nice.

South East corner filled in with 705 fiberglass.