Hymns for Fingerstyle Guitar contains twenty five well-known hymns arranged for fingerstyle guitar in standard tuning.The arrangements are designed for easy sight reading, with the potential to embellish them on the fly to create more complex arrangements in your own style. In addition to the hymn arrangements, the book includes tips and suggestions on adding your own introductions and endings as well as improvising variations.  The whole idea is to have something you can pull out at a moments notice and play without needing to memorize a complex arrangement!

You can listen to sample recordings of all the pieces below, and download all tracks for free. 

These recordings demonstrate the approach in the book, which is to  learn to play the tunes, while leaving room for your own  enhancements. Each tune is played twice through, once exactly as  written in the book, then a second time with improvised  enhancements. These improvised parts are NOT written out in the book,  they're just a demonstration of how you can extend the pieces  according to your own taste. Writing out the improvised parts would defeat the whole idea. The book provides suggestions and tips  for how to create your own enhancements. 

The video below demonstrates one of the tunes from the book and includes a lesson on how the enhancement concept works. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions!

Hymns For Fingerstyle Guitar

Doug Young