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Learn Alternate Tunings with my Course on Peghead Nation

My course on Peghead Nation is meant to teach you how to use alternate tunings, focusing on fingerstyle guitar. The course follows Peghead monthly subscription style and each month I teach a tune - usually an arrangement of a traditional or pop tune, using an alternate tuning.

Besides teaching the song, my focus is on explaining how each tuning works - how to think about each tuning, how to find your way around the fretboard, and basically how to deal with the fact that some or all of the strings have changed. 

I start with Drop D as a way to learn some concepts while still keeping things somewhat familiar. We then move on to DADGAD, Open G, and keep going from there with new lessons - and new tunings - each month!

If you want to check it out, use the code "DougLand" to get a free month!

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My latest hymn book is available at 25 instrumental arrangements of well-known hymns in standard tuning.