Acoustic Room Treatment - Does it Matter? 

A topic that comes up frequently in discussions of home recording is "Room Treatment".  It's a difficult topic in many cases, as people are understandably reluctant to make major changes to their home environments. Spouses may object to the idea of hanging sound panels on walls, and renters may be entirely prohibited. Adding room treatment can be invasive, cost money, and potentially be a lot of work. And there's always the question: "Will it actually make any difference?". It's clearly a lot more fun to…

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Going Dual Source: Adding an Internal Mic to a K&K 

I usually use dual source pickup systems, generally pairing an internal mic with some other source. In this post, I'll walk you through how I add an internal mic (an Audix L5O) to an existing K&K pickup in a Lowden O50. First, here's what we need:

  1. The K&K pickup (already installed in this case)
  2. An Audix L5O mic (there are plenty of other options, but I like this one)
  3. An 1/8 inline jack and 1/8 inch plug (both mono)
  4. A few inches of  shielded wire
  5. Zip ties, velcro, and a small wire clip
  6. Tools: soldering iron…
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